Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Armed Police Raid SCM and Ecumenical Centre

SCM Zimbabwe & ecumenical headquarters raided by armed police
10 June 2008

The Harare headquarters of SCM Zimbabwe and several other ecumenical organisations were raided yesterday by armed police who seized communications equipment and a vehicle belonging to the SCMZ and arrested five members of the movement's national executive and office staff.One of the five arrested is the SCMZ General Secretary Mr. Prosper Munatsi, who was due to arrive in Geneva this morning. Prosper was to speak as a panellist at the upcoming WSCF-YWCA side event at the UN Human Rights Council on "The role of women and young people in building a culture of human rights in post-election situations" - focused on Zimbabwe and at this week's Ecumenical Centre meeting on Zimbabwe human rights issues which WCC General Secretary Sam Kobia is due to chair this Wednesday on behalf of WSCF. WSCF is currently in close contact with SCMZ and is endeavouring to use every means to provide legal protection and ensure the safety and speedy release of our arrested student leaders.

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