Tuesday, August 19, 2008

World Radio Switzerland Interview

Hope survives for Zimbabwe talks as inflation rockets higher

Listen to audio http://www.worldradio.ch/wrs/news/switzerland/hope-survives-for-zimbabwe-talks-as-inflation-rock.shtml?11358

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MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai is said to have agreed in principle to accept a powerful Prime Ministerial role, with Mr Mugabe remaining as President. However, the MDC has insisted that Mr Mugabe should stay in office only as a ceremonial head of state.
Reports suggest there’s also disagreement over control of the armed forces, and over Zanu-PF suggestions that the MDC should be handed responsibility for the finance ministry as Zimbabwe’s economy sinks to new lows.
And there’s also major discord - at the talks and at home - over the possibility of an amnesty for post-election violence committed earlier this year.
WRS’s Catherine Allen spoke to Marlon Zakeyo, a Zimbabwean lawyer from the Geneva-based Zimbabwe Human Rights Advocacy Office. He described how the impact of the violence as still fresh for many in Zimbabwe

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