Monday, January 19, 2009

Recent NGO Statements on Zimbabwe

Courtesy of the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum
On 14 January 2009, Amnesty International (AI) released a statement in which it harshly criticised the African Union’s inaction on Zimbabwe. AI said the African Leaders had squandered numerous opportunities to end the persecution of government critics.“They (the African Leaders) continue to be deaf to cries for help and have chosen to be unmoved by ongoing evidence of human suffering in the country,” said AI. The full statement is available via the following link;

Recently, the World Alliance for Citizen Participation (CIVICUS) released a report on of a visit CIVICUS undertook to Zimbabwe from 19-26 December 2008. The report details the worsening crisis in the country. Kumi Naidoo the Honorary President of CIVICUS who was part of the delegation to Zimbabwe noted that “/the situation in //Zimbabwe// is much worse than what is believed by Africans and citizens around the world alike//. //It has been a bleak Christmas, characterised by despair, desperation and destitution with a particularly devastating impact for women and children"//./ The full report is available on the following link;

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