Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Organ on National Healing gets down to work

Herald Reporters
08 April 2009

THE Organ on National Healing and Reconciliation yesterday started work by meeting various stakeholders and urged Zimbabweans to desist from acts of violence. Organ chairperson Minister John Nkomo said Zimbabweans should contribute to the national healing and reconciliation process.The Organ — comprising Ministers of State Nkomo, Sekai Holland and Gibson Sibanda — is meeting stakeholders ahead of a conference expected to draw 4 000 delegates.Yesterday’s meeting was attended by representatives from Moral Re-armament Zimbabwe, Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Zimbabwe Council of Churches, Zimbabwe Harvest Global Network and the business community.

"We are happy that there are people who are thinking seriously about this process and we hope that we will continue to receive more input from all stakeholders," said Minister Nkomo.He said the Organ’s mandate was not only to bring peace to Zimbabwe but guarantee a change in the conduct of Zimbabweans."We cannot wish each other away as we are coming from different political fields, but we need to recognise each other and have a totality of input from all Zimbabweans," he said.The Organ, Minister Nkomo said, would forward people’s suggestions to the leaders of Zanu-PF and the MDC formations — President Mugabe, Prime Minister Tsvangirai and Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara.

It was also important for people to establish a "Zimbabwean project and programme to be run by Zimbabweans"."We would also like to call upon Zimbabweans to immediately stop violence and create mechanisms that the activities stop for good while creating an environment for Zimbabweans to exchange views from across the political divide," he said.

Minister Sibanda said national healing was crucial to the success of the inclusive Government."The Organ is a result of protracted negotiations leading to the Global Political Agreement of September 15, which has it that it would provide mechanisms to advise Government to make Zimbabwe come to terms with the past."We need to focus on the future of the country and we started with healing of ministers last week and bond them as they have come from different political parties," he said.Minister Sibanda said it was critical to build teamwork among Zimbabweans adding that the same spirit from the Organ would bring all to focus for the development of the country.

Moral Re-armament Zimbabwe co-ordinator Mr Steven Sibale said the organisations were responding to the need for healing the nation."We are grateful that Government has decided to work with us and the ultimate goal is to make sure that there is no violence in Zimbabwe," he said.Mr Sibale said there was, however, need for individuals to begin by healing themselves."There is need for change at the individual level and people should begin to heal themselves, fight against the spirit of retribution," he said.Mr Sibale said the unity demonstrated by ministers in the inclusive Government should also inspire the nation.

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