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13 JULY 2009


The Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe (SCMZ) condemns the behaviour of ZANU PF hired ‘quasi-fifty year old youth’ at the prematurely ended First Constitutional All Stakeholders Conference, pencilled for the 13th of July 2009. It is highly deplorable and unacceptable that some purportedly ZANU PF youth (who are visibly geriatric),led by the party President`s nephew Patrick Zhuwawo(as cited by most observers), would jeopardise the future of many Zimbabweans by disrupting the Constitutional Reform process for a morsel of political rhetoric and empty promises from their equally geriatric leader, Robert Mugabe.

In tandem with Article 6 of the Global Political Agreement, the Conference was meant to bring together all stakeholders from different walks of life; students, churches, youth, civil society, farmers, informal traders, political parties as well as the so-called ‘war veterans’. As SCMZ, we had prayed and hoped that this platform would give young people a chance to determine and give direction to their future, little did we know that ZANU PF ‘youth’ would hold young people`s journey to a free and democratic Zimbabwe at ransom. This deliberate attempt by ZANU PF to muzzle the voice of Zimbabweans from writing their own constitution is diabolic and should never be condoned in any way. For long, the former ruling party has tried through hook and crook to cling on to power, no wonder we witness such desperate antics by the party to frustrate the people so as to prolong their leader`s relevance in the political arena. However, as SCMZ we dismiss such party politicking as immature, and we urge all progressive minds particularly young people to remain resilient, focused and work unflinchingly for a new democratic people driven constitution.

ZANU PF and other retrogressive minds need to be reminded that the cry of the children`s God shall not go unnoticed; though the road to a democratic Zimbabwe is seemingly rough, unwinding and infested with thieves and robbers, one day we shall shed tears of never-ending joy as we reach to the promised land . For the Lord says, “Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with them: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings”, Isaiah 3:10

Inserted by SCMZ National Office, 83 Central Avenue, Harare

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