Thursday, February 19, 2009

WSCF & ZAO call on Swiss refineries to help stop illicit minerals trade

WSCF has joined its Zimbabwe Advocacy Office and three other NGOs to call for reassurance from Swiss refineries that they do not engage in trading illegally obtained minerals or in dealing with members of the Zimbabwean Mugabe regime.Swiss refineries have come into the spotlight following a deal exposé by Firstar International, a commodity trading and construction company, which released a story implicating the Mugabe regime in the sale of illegal gold and diamonds from the DR Congo. Swiss refineries are being called on to clarify their official position in line with international law prohibiting the purchase and resale of gold and diamonds which may have been illegally obtained.The letter addressed to the management and Boards of Directors of four Swiss refineries, which was sent on January 26, 2009, follows in full below.

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