Thursday, May 7, 2009

Civic groups demonstrate in SA in solidarity with detainees

By staff reporter
6 May 2009

Rights groups held a protest outside parliament in South Africa on Wednesday, demanding the immediate release of all Zimbabwean activists. The demonstration was organised by the Save Zimbabwe Now campaign, the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition and the Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum in South Africa and it was supported by several South African legal and human rights organisation, including the Southern African Liaison Office and the Coalition for Peace in Africa.

The protest was held during the opening of the South African parliament and a petition was also sent to Max Sisulu, the Speaker of Parliament, to draw attention to the continued victimisation of political and human rights activists in Zimbabwe.
The group said: “The opening of Parliament has become a symbol of the commitment of democrats everywhere to consolidating and strengthening the democratisation project of the SADC region and our continent that began in earnest with the fall of apartheid and the election of our first President Nelson Mandela in 1994.We are writing to you on this auspicious occasion to draw to your attention matters of grave concern taking place on our borders with our sister country Zimbabwe.”

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