Thursday, May 14, 2009

Zimbabwe Students Protest Against North Korean Dictator

Statement from Zinasu
13 May, 2009

The Zimbabwe National Students Union, ZINASU, has said it is disgusted by the presence of Kim Vong Nam, the de facto head of state of North Korea.

In a statement they called for his immediate departure from Zimbabwe.
The statement went further, saying the government had hosted a five star reception for the dictator at state house, at the expense of the hungry and suffering people of Zimbabwe.
They also reminded people that North Korea was the country that trained the notorious fifth brigade, accused of massacring up to 20 000 civilians in Matabeleland in the mid 1980’s.
They added that Kim Vong Nam’s presence in Zimbabwe was an insult to the people of Matabeleland and the people of Zimbabwe in general and they demanded an apology from him for his government’s role in the massacre.
Zinasu said they were also shocked that some of their colleagues, now in government, joined ZANU PF at the airport to welcome the dictator – and they pointed out that although Zimbabwe is in dire need of funds this should not be an excuse to wine and dine well known dictators and human rights violators.
Zinasu also reminded the MDC that exiled Ethiopian dictator, Haile Mengistu, still lives in Zimbabwe – saying that in February this year the MDC said that the issue of Mengistu would be high on the agenda of the inclusive government.
They added that the MDC spokesperson at the time, Nelson Chamisa, had said that Zimbabwe should not be a safe haven or resting place for serial human rights violators like Mr Mengistu and that we should not shelter purveyors of injustice.
Zinasu demanded that the issue of Mengistu be dealt with once and for all by the three principals.
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